New! Ladies boob tube rayon long maxi dresses. 100% Rayon, these dresses have a stretch
top that fits all sizes from 10-16 (chest 32-36inches). With a string tie at the top and fringing
at the bottom this dress is long and fits best on a tall fit (5'5 or above). Designed in Australia
and made in Indonesia these dresses come in many colors and designs from mandala, batik,
skulls and animal prints. Easy and comfortable to wear, this dress can be your favorite
beach dress or an elegant evening dress. Best worn with a strapless bra, this off the sholder
design is very attractive day or night. Coming soon.. this dress will be available in short knee
length style by summer 2021.
D1 Mandala white, blue  $35.00
D3 Peacock green  $35.00
D2 Mandala black-blue  $35.00
D6 Skulls pink  $35.00
D5 Skulls green  $35.00
D4 Mandala lite blue  $35.00
D7 Animal Brown  $35.00
D8 Animal Black $35.00
D9 Mandala Black/B/Pur.  $35.00
D10 Mandala Red  $35.00
D12 Peacock Blue    $35.00
D11 Mandala Black Purple $35.00
D13 Tie Dye Seagreen    $28.00
D14 Tie Dye Pink    $28.00
D16 Tie Dye Turquoise    $28.00
D15 Tie Dye Blue    $28.00